Our Story

Founded by Daryl Milliner, President and CEO, DM Diversified is based in Pittsburgh, PA and is a certified AC/DBE/MBE/DOT/SAM Pa DGS business incorporated in Pennsylvania. Our additional offices reside in New York City; Nashville, Tennessee; Youngstown, OH, and Atlanta, Georgia. Our journey began with the vision to provide convenient and rapid phone charging solutions for people on the go. We realized that people often faced the challenge of low battery life on their phones, especially when they were away from home or traveling.

Inspired by this need, we developed a network of mobile phone charging stations equipped with screens that display paid advertising to users while they charge their phones. Each screen has the capacity for advertising spots, creating a captive audience for advertisers. Advertisers pay a premium fee for being added to our network, providing a unique revenue stream for DM Diversified.

In addition to advertising opportunities on the screens, we offer brand and logo wrapping on the kiosks, as well as integrated media solutions such as sending push notifications through geo-fencing, digital advertising, Cinema Advertising, data mining, analytics, tracking, and other out-of-home platforms. This allows businesses to reach their target audience in a highly engaging and effective manner.

Partners and Expansion

To further expand our network and partners, DM Diversified established strategic partnerships with a leading manufacturers of digital cell phone charging kiosks. We partnered with HMS Hosts and AdWave360 to deploy 39 kiosks, including 17 on the PA Turnpike, 12 on the NY Turnpike, and 10 in Williamsport Turnpike. After the turnpike, we expanded our reach into schools such as Penn State University, CCAC, and University of Pittsburgh, as well as community development projects, and other unique events. Over the years of 2015-2019 we generated over $4.5M in advertising revenue and kiosk sales.

As COVID-19 arose our contracts were ended with the Turnpikes and we pivoted focus to address the coronavirus with a simple but effective solution, PPE equipment in the form of a digital charging station with UV-C (Ultraviolet light) & antimicrobial capabilities. The combination of having hand sanitizer, ultraviolet light, and antimicrobial protection is important to keep all guests, and even employees safe, sanitized, and connected.

During this period of expansion we have secured additional partnership from chambers of commerce, non profit firms, manufacturers, and fulfillment companies to make sure our level of service is of the highest quality.

Our Commitment to Location Owners

At DM Diversified, we believe in mutually beneficial partnerships. To incentivize location owners, we offer a revenue-sharing model for kiosk advertising. In the past, customers paid upfront for the kiosk and Daryl sold the ads, with ad revenues split on a 60/40 basis, with the location owner receiving the larger share since they paid for the kiosk. This has resulted in a positive cash flow for our business, as customers typically pay for the kiosk and 12 months of advertising upfront.

Our commitment to providing excellent service and value to our location owners is at the heart of our business philosophy. We strive to establish long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and shared success.

Join Us on Our Journey

DM Diversified is excited about the future as we continue to innovate, expand our network of mobile phone charging stations, and create unique advertising opportunities for businesses. We invite you to join us on our journey as we redefine the way people charge their phones and connect with brands. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate and help your business grow with our cutting-edge advertising solutions.


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